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Know Your Personal Me Made Style

Even if you don’t know where to start!

What if you could bring the me made wardrobe of your dreams to life?

The Find Your Me Made Style Challenge

Join the 3 day live training that takes you through the proven steps needed to make clothes that really feel like you.









The Find Your Me Made Style Challenge is everything you need for a style reset.

The lessons are easy to complete and will get you on track to feeling a whole new level of inspiration and satisfaction with your sewing.

The DAILY VIDEOS will be complemented by daily LIVE Q&As, a PRIVATE COMMUNITY and DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCES to get you results. Join us and gain new clarity, tap into your own unique style and ignite your sewjo!

This is a kick start for anyone wanting to find their style – even if you don’t know where to start. Imagine, opening up your wardrobe filled with pieces that you made, you truly love and really feel like YOU!

Whether your a beginner or an advanced sewist, into minimalist chic or maximalist prints, you will gain so much from these 3 days together.

Hit the reset button with me friend!

Aims xx

Three main hurdles keep sewists from creating their ideal me made wardrobe

Which one is keeping you stuck?

Problem No1

You want to make allll the things!  A new pattern is released and it’s all over socials. The excitement is catching and FOMO kicks in. Next thing it’s in your sewing queue. Whether you’ll wear it or not is yet to be determined.

Problem No2

You don’t know where to start. What is your style? You can’t see any consistent thread through your wardrobe. You’re not sure what it is that you really love and feel overwhelmed at the thought of defining your style.

Problem No3

A closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. You know what you want to create and you actually make it. But you’re only wearing 30% of your wardrobe. You don’t reach for the other makes even though you love them. 

Hi! I’m Aims

I’m here to help you tap into your unique me made style, make clothes that you love and bring your dream wardrobe to life.

Before you start thinking “it’s not possible for me…” stick with me!

Because I’ve not only gone through this process myself – going from being influenced by what I see around me to knowing exactly what it is that makes a garment feel like ‘me’ – I’ve also helped others, from beginner sewists to advanced – to surprise themselves as they discover their innate me made style.

I look back at photos of myself making do with what I knew then, and knowing now how good it feels to reach into my wardrobe and pull out makes that put a smile on my face every single time  – I wish I had taken the time to uncover this earlier! I could’ve spent all that time making garments that really light me up.

I spent a whole year going through this process myself but I’ve distilled it down into this 3 day formula that will get you the same results without the guesswork!

What my students are saying…

This has been so fun! I didn’t know what to expect. I learnt a lot.


I learned a good deal about myself and my style while going through the workbook exercises. It’s even made me reconsider some of the makes I had planned for the future.


You are such a bright light in the sewing community! I knew I’d really regret it if I weren’t able to join you. You ROCK, Aims!


Aims, your tutorial was what I needed to finally finish my style boards… Thank you for guiding us through it!


Don’t wait, just click the button

And the best news? Creating a me made wardrobe that you love isn’t hard… but it does take knowing a few key things to take it from “good” to fully YOU in all your fabulousness!

I’ve used this method to discover my own me made style, and also for the members inside the Indy Bindy Sewciety to find theirs.

And now, I’ve taken those key steps and turned them into a transformational 3 day challenge that will help you! 

This will work for any style and any level of sewist. It doesn’t matter if your style differs wildly from mine or whether you are a newbie or experienced sewist.

If you’re ready to finally create the me made wardrobe of your dreams, then I love to invite you to…


me made style challenge

A live 3 day challenge that is a done WITH you program, sharing the proven steps to finding your unique style and making clothes that really feel like you.

I’m handing over everything you need…

in less than a week!

X No 20+ video modules to go through

X No struggling to work it out by yourself

X No year-long, extended process

(Ps. Don’t worry if you can’t make it live – you’ll still get access to all the content to work through at your own pace.)

sneak peek at what will happen inside:

Day 1: Goal Setting & inspiration (26 Feb)

Most people struggle with knowing where to start because they don’t have a clear end goal in mind. That’s why at the end of Day 1 you will have tapped into your deep why, and you’ll have a clear direction. We’ll also getto the core of your unique style and distill the key words to guide you moving forward.

Day 2: Style Board (27 Feb)

When I ask sewists what they struggle with most when it comes to me made style, they normally say creating a cohesive style or getting distracted by the latest patterns. We have a lot of fun today as I step you through exactly how to create the ultimate visual cue that you can refer to, to keep you on track – whether you’re deciding what to sew next, should you buy that pattern or what fabric to sew it up in!

Day 3: Wardrobe Review (28 Feb)

We’ll round off the challenge by beginning to bring your dream me made wardrobe to life! We’ll look at what you have and start building towards what you really want. Don’t miss this day! You’ll now have everything you need and the sewjo will be high. PLUS once every question has been answered and the wins celebrated, I’ll move into the surprise giveaway!


I believe in the power of connection and I can’t wait to lead you through this transformation. We are going to have SO much fun together! Also, you are going to have questions and I want to answer ALL of them. I’ll be doing this live and in person every day of the training. (Don’t worry, you’ll be able to post questions and view these afterwards if the time zones don’t work for you!)


Even though I believe you’ll get the best experience by showing up live and working on this together, every session is recorded and sent directly to you. So if you can’t make it on the day it’s released, you can revisit it and go at your own pace. You won’t miss a thing. 


Each day I will be teaching you everything you need. These resources will support your learning, give you structure and a place to record all you a-ha moments! They will be your new best friend to help you track your progress and to come back to time and again in future as your style evolves.


Complete this challenge and also walk away with a new batch of sewing buddies who have been learning alongside you. They share your passion – they just get it! You’ll get access to this private community where you’ll connect with other sewists and get direct input from me as we find your unique me made style together. Spark up conversations between sessions and build on each others momentum!

Wait! Did you think I was done?

Not even close! Let’s talk about

the free bonuses you get!!

BONUS 1: me made style blueprint

Know your style at a glance with this fill-in-the-blanks blueprint. Want to see your unique personal style laid out in front of you so you can easily see all it’s facets in one spot? If you’re thinking “ummm that would be amazing!!” This bonus is the icing on your me made style cake!

BONUS 2: personal project planner

Bring your style to life! Okay, you’ve tapped into your me made style and you’re excited to bring it to life… But how? What’s next? I’ve got you friend! This project planner will help you translate your me made style and wardrobe review into a plan for your next makes.

BONUS 3: Top DOwn Center OUT Cheat sheet

This quick reference guide is oh-so-handy to have by your side as you work through the revolutionary pants fitting method developed by Ruth Collins. I developed this super useful resource as I used the method myself and as I took my Sewciety members through a TDCO sewalong!

BONUS 4: daily prizes

I’m giving away prizes everyday to active members of the community! Who doesn’t love a gift? Especially a sewing related one. As a fellow sewist these are things I know you will love. 

Sound like something you need?

hit that button below and secure your spot before it’s closed!

√  3 day Me Made Style Course (valued at $497)

  Live Coaching and Q&As (valued at $227)

  Private Facebook Community (valued at $97)

  BONUS: Ideal Me Made Style Blueprint (valued at $97)

  BONUS: Personal Project Planner (valued at $97)

  BONUS: TDCO Cheat Sheet(valued at $97)

  BONUS: Daily Prizes (valued at over $200)


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Prices are charged in Japanese Yen (3950 yen – equivalent to USD29 at time of writing)

Lingering questions? I’ve got you!

I don’t even have time to sew. Will this still be of value?

Absolutely! You can apply the lessons you learn to your existing wardrobe and then use them for your sewing practice when time does open up.

You can also grab a copy of my program ‘Me Time Maker’ for the low price of just $5 on the next page (normally $197).

Along with helping you identify extra time in your day, week and month, it will lead you through some powerful mindset shifts and provide tips on how to integrate your sewing practice into your routine.

What if I can’t make the live sessions?

I urge you to show up live each day if you can. I’ll help you get the most out of this challenge and be here to answer all your questions. But things come up, we all have busy, full lives. That’s why the daily trainings are all recorded and you’ll have access for life.

You can alsosubmit your questions in the private Facebook group and watch back nay live sessions later. No FOMO here!

can’t i just figure this out on my own?

Sure… you could. But you’re here for a reason, it must not be working for you thus far. How much time, energy and frustration have you spent making garments you don’t love or wear? 

The process I’m sharing is proven. Not just because it helped me. But because I took that year long process and distilled it to these key steps in order to get my students incredible results too. 

Why continue to muddle along on your own when I’m handing this to you and we could have so much fun doing it together?! 

I’m a beginner sewist. Will this be of value to me?

100%! Knowing your me made style is key to your satisfaction level with your makes, whether you are an advanced sewist or a beginner. Taking part in this challenge will give you a shortcut to avoid a lot of time consuming trial and error.

I have no idea what my style is. Will this actually help me?

Definitely! Whether you know your style but want to dive deeper or if you’re starting from scratch – you have everything you need right now. Yes, you do! This challenge will help you to tap into your innate style (whether you believe you have one or not!).

What if I need some extra help or support?

I thought of that. That’s why you get exclusive access to a private students-only Facebook community managed by me!

You can use it to ask questions at any time during the challenge and get direct feedback and input from me and your fellow participants. 

This is a great way to connect with other sewists like yourself so you can share ideas, help each other and build on everyone’s momentum to get even better results. There is something magical about doing this in community. 

I love the sound of all of this and I want even more!!

Well, you’re in luck! Reserve your ticket for the challenge and you’ll be given the option to upgrade to a VIP experience on the next page. I can’t wait to do this with you!!

And if they haven’t been snapped up already, I’ve opened up just two spots for a unique, high impact, one-on-one experience designed to build on the challenge and fast-track your next level growth.

If you’ve made it here… then it’s time to decide, friend!


Nothing changes if nothing changes.

If you’re ready to discover your true me made style…

If you’re sick of making clothes you don’t wear…

If you’re fed up with trial and error and getting caught up in social media hype…

And you want someone to give you the shortcut to more satisfaction in your makes…

Then, honestly? This challenge is for you.

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