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Tell me, what does your scrap bag or box look like? For me, it’s both a bag and a box full of offcuts just waiting for the perfect scrap buster project. Whether you are a garment sewist, quilter or bag maker – every sewist I know has a scrap stash! So here’s a project that will use a stack of them up and help you get in the festive mood too!

I loooove the holiday season – Christmas carols – yes! Egg nog – yes! Mistletoe – absolutely! Growing up, my mum is much more practical and would lever want to put a tree up or decorate if we weren’t hosting Christmas day at our home. But eventually she realised there was no fighting it, every year without fail I’d be pulling out the little Santa ornaments, tinsel, fairy lights and decorating the whole house. This also included the wreath I constructed in primary school… out of garbage bags! oh dear… But by the time it was done there was no denying it was the festive season!

Today I’m taking it up a notch, but it’s still a super easy project that is also fun to do with little ones if you have them.


You’ll need: Scissors, a wire coat hanger (or some wire to twist), fabric scraps from you stash.

1. Gather your materials, your drink of choice (mine’s coffee or once it’s an acceptable hour a big glass of red wine) and your favourite podcast or show!

2. Using your hands, bend your wire hanger into a circlular shape (or just use wire that will hold it’s shape if you only have lovely wooden hangers in your closet – somehow these keep sneaking into mine… The dry cleaners?!) You don’t need to have it perfect as the fabric will disguise any bumps and lumps in your circle!

3. Raid your stash for what colours you’d like in your wreath and cut them into rough rectangles. Again, you don’t need to be precise with this either, we’re going for a fluffy/boro look!


4. Knot them onto your hanger and work your way around.


5. If you underestimate the amount of scraps this project will bust (as I did!) but you want your colours to remain consist around the wreath, the scrap pieces are easy to slide along, so just open up some small sections and add in additional pieces where it works best.

6. Once you’ve filled up the hanger you might want to tied up the edges. Just hold it up via the hanger hook to see how the fabric will fall when hanging and give it a bit of a haircut!

7. Finally, bend the hanger hook over to form a loop, add some baubles or ribbon if you like and hang it up! The world will now know that not only do you love the holidays but you’re also a fabric addict like me!

Let me know if you give this a go and how it worked for you!


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