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I have spent the last two weeks listening, reading, having conversations and reflecting on my own biases, how I can do better, unlearn and how I can be an ally for the black, indigenous and people of colour in our community.

Like you, I felt moved, devastated, furious, shame and so many other emotions. But most of all I want to take action. I don’t have the answers but I know that change does not come from silence. I will make mistakes along the way, I will say the wrong thing, it will be uncomfortable but in the end I want my black, indigenous and other people of colour to enjoy the same rights and privileges as me.

There is no doubt that right now is a significant moment in our history. What do you want to look back later and say you did? Which side do you want to stand on?

Below is the Anti-Racist Plan I’ve developed for Indy Bindy. This will be a living plan that continues to get refined as I learn. I am 100% a student. Please call me out on what I do wrong, please hold me accountable if I fall silent. So far this is the plan that has come from my heart.


– Getting informed.

I will educate myself by reading, listening to podcasts, watching films and doing the work. Some things coming up next on my list are: ‘So you want to talk about race’ a book by Ijeoma Oluo, ‘The Banker’ a 202 film directed and co-written by George Nolfi, ‘Pause on the Play’ podcast co-hosted by Erica Courdae and India Jackson about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, visibility and mindset.

– Educating my kids.

Most of our subconscious mind is set by the time we are 7 years old. I will continue to talk to my kids about seeing colour, how important it is for everyone that we take action and real ways that they can do that in their lives.

– Imperfect action.

Having conversations with everyone around me and working to be humble about likely getting it wrong.

I truly believe that change starts within your heart and mind. And within your own home. BUT I also feel it is so important to not stop there. Change does not come from silence.

– Weaving anti-racism into the ethics, policies and practices of Indy Bindy.

At the moment Indy Bindy is just me (and the fabulous designers that I stock) but I know I will grow and hire a team in future. And when I do, it will be diverse.

To ensure that I create the best workplace I can, I need to make sure it is also a safe space for those employees. I will start now with getting clear with and articulating the ethics that Indy Bindy is founded on. Anti-racism will be one of those core pillars.

Another action that I will be implementing immediately is to carefully consider and question any collaborations and partnerships to make sure that they are anti-racist and align with Indy Bindy principles.

– Celebrating black makers and amplifying their voices.

There are so many amazing black makers in the sewing community. I will work to actively seek out more makers of colour and share their work. Speaking of which – go and follow the insta gram account @blkmakersmatter if you aren’t already.


If you have suggestions on how I can improve this list of actions or something I can add – please let me know. Leave a comment or send me a message anytime at: aims@indybindy.com.au

Let’s take the momentum that has built since the tragic death of George Floyd and make sure that this is a movement, not a moment. Whatever action I take now is for the long term, this is a lifelong commitment to breaking down institutions, unlearning biases and doing the work.

As business owners, influencers, mothers, friends, members of our community – we have a responsibility to stand up and celebrate diversity.

My friends, no one is perfect but what is important is that we take action. Don’t let our fear of doing or saying the wrong thing, of stuffing up or of vulnerability stop us. Now is the time.

Tell me, what is your plan?




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