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Today is the day that I get to release these beautiful fabics to you!

These incredibly unique designs are sure to spark your creativity!

Let me introduce the balance Collection by mannine

These three prints are now available to you! The designs are only printed in small runs so snap yours up now.

Click on the links or images below and use the password: INDYBINDYINSIDER

Hanaguma Red

Coloured Leaves in Green

Hanaguma Black XS

meet the Designer!

Textile designer, Manri Kishimoto, loves the idea of people to have fun with wearing her prints. all of her designs are considered and detailed yet infused with a sense of playfulness.

For the Balance Collection, Manri was inspired by the book ‘Metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka. It was one of the required reading materials when she was a student. And when she picked it up recently, it shocked her in the same way that it did years ago.

In this book, one of the main charaters awakes one morning and has transformed into a giant insect. There are parallels drawn between being alienated and a drone, not having any autonomy.

Another day, Manri’s eyes landed on the words of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

‘He who enjoys doing and enjoys what he has done is happy’

Those words were so strong I felt them propel me forward – she said.

With these two authors on her mind she wondered at how they were contrasting yet both mindful. She was struck by the many different ways of thinking in the world and left with the tought that  – Balance is important.

Thus this collection begun!


Don’t forget to put in your password INDYBINDYINSIDER to grab some these fabrics! I can’t wait to see you use them in your very own special way!

Hanaguma Red

Coloured Leaves in Green

Hanaguma Black XS

Happy sewing!





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