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 I am so excited about the latest release of fabrics by Mannine! I just had to share more about the designer and the characters that she has put so much love into that appear on her fabrics.

Manri Kishimoto is the textile designer that created Mannine. In 2014 founded her design house on the concept of wanting people to have fun with wearing her prints. Mannine has always stayed true to it’s playful spirit and Manri’s love for detail.

She aims to design fabric that people will feel good wearing. She want you to love them so much that you take them on your adventures whatever they may be.

Manri is based in Tokyo but spent years in the UK attending design school and refining her craft. She spends time researching and developing a theme for each collection she debuts and then dives deep into creating her distinctive characters. Each creature has it’s own personal quirks, interests and story.

Let me introduce you to the five main characters that appear in the latest fabrics in the ‘Cats’ series.

At 11am the cats have arranged to meet. From there they will all go to the ‘Ball Hall’ for a dance party…

Mr Exotic Mimolette (26).

Sporting a green jumpsuit with a red and blue bow tie. At first glance he seems angry but he has a gentle personality.

He is struggling to take another step.  He wants to invite Ms. Brie to dance, but he just can’t work up the courage to speak to her. “Well, what should I do?!” he thinks…

He has recently started using (not Insta) Nyansta. *Nyan is how you say Meow in Japanese

Ms Blue Brie (37).

I her vibrant orange dress paired with a blue bow tie. Ms. Brie is a veteran dancer in the ballroom dancing social circle.

She has won numerous contests due to her strong footwork, which is her forté.  

Ms.Monet Chedder (37).

Ms Cheddar is wearing a bright blue frock and matching bow tie. She has been best friends with Ms Brie for 20 years.

She is an elegant woman and a cat who loves traveling. Since she finds it easy to talk with anyone, she has a wide range of friendships, with friend-cats all over the world.

She lives in the same apartment building as Mr Sheriff Mozza


Mr Sheriff Mozza (31).

They call him ‘Mr Gentleman’. Looking smooth (as always) in his green and white ensemble with a dash of red.

He understands many words and has outstanding communication skills.

He recently joined the ballroom dance social circle and is currently pursuing Ms. Yay. But after that, well who knows…

Ms. Yay Parmigiano (17).

In an oversized polka dot neck bow and a deep blue one piece. Her youth is Yay Parmigiano’s secret weapon.

She is a stage actress, active on Broadway in New York. Because of her youth, nothing scares her and her bold acting captivates anyone who watches. She also loves having fun – she is a ball of curiosity.

Ms Yay lives in a penthouse in Manhattan. She has a strong appetite and can’t seem to stop eating snacks from the kitchen.

Mr. Sheriff’s approach has just recently peaked her interest.❤️

Shop these beautiful fabrics here. However they are printed in very limited quantities so be quick if you don’t want to miss out!

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Happy sewing!



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