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Hello friends! How are you?

This year has felt like a roller coaster hasn’t it?! Since our repatriation to Australia our days have revolved around natural disaster, a global public health emergency and an awakening to the level of systemic racism around the world.

It may feel trivial to talk all things sewing in times like these but sewing for me can provide a respite, it can almost be a mediative practice. My sewjo has waxed and waned over the last six months. Sometimes providing solace when I needed it and at others my mind was too occupied elsewhere.

What has your sewing journey been like this year?

When I do want to kick start my sewing again there is nothing quite like a new exciting pattern launch or a deadline to draw me to my machine!

Over the last month I had the pleasure of taking part in the tester group for three different sewing pattern designers. I love volunteering to do this for lots of reasons – as I said, deadlines! But I also love supporting other small businesses and seeing so much creativity amongst the other testers. And as with all sewing projects one of my favourite things is the chance to try something new and put my own personality into it!

This top here is the Mathilde Wrap top by Untitled Thoughts. It comes with a dress option and a flutter sleeve too. I had intended to make the dress with an Indy Bindy fabric but I hadn’t realised it was a knit pattern… So I shopped my stash and had just enough of this pink burnout jersey to squeeze out a top!

This premise of this pattern is secret pyjamas and it certainly delivers. It’s super comfy yet stylish. I wore it all day and it was totally fuss free – got to love that. I also love the French bust dart – it was the first time I had sewn one and I feel like it gives the top a little something extra. Even if I’m the only one that notices it!

Where are you at on your sewing journey right now?

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