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I LOVE Spring/Summer sewing.

Floaty dresses, flirtatious skirts and ten different versions of the Ogden cami! But as it gets colder my wardrobe goes from fun to functional very fast. For most of Winter you can find me in a uniform of jeans, boots, a sweater and coat.

This year, I’m determined to break free! So I’m embarking on sewing pants that can replace my jeans and some coats as well! And these pants? Well, I can imagine living in these babies!

Move over jeans – here come my paperbag pants!

A pair of paperbag pants have been rattling around in my head for the longest time. I toyed with the idea of hacking a pattern I already owned but then I was presented with the opportunity to make the FibreMood Jasmin pants and they fit the bill perfectly!

I am ALL about the high waist. It’s comfortable, waist-defining and chic all at once.

What’s not to love?!

I definitely tested the Jasmin’s out – I rode to the local oval with my two little boys. It has this great wall for photos but the trade off was an hour of soccer on the field afterwards (yes, I brought a change of shoes!).

I wondered if paperbag pants, as cool as they are, would be one of those makes that only goes with a couple things in my wardrobe because of it’s unique silhouette.. but I was way off the mark. They go with SO much, a cami and blazer, bodysuit, tucked in blouse or even a cropped sweater.

I feel I could wear these for the office, weekend shenanigans and for date night too! 

I’ve been splitting my time between family, work and sewing non-stop since our move back to Australia in mid January. I have loved being able to delve into my sewing practice but I’ve not made a lot of time to sit and write about it. But that’s about to change – so if you haven’t subscribed yet, make sure you sign up for my newsletter to be first to hear the inside story of all my makes, new releases to the shop (lots coming soon!!) and any of the fun tutorials or sew alongs coming this year.


I would love to slash the Jasmin pattern at mid thigh and make another pair as shorts. They’d dress up any basic tank in an instant. BUT seeing as it’s only getting colder from now on in Australia, I may make a longer version in a lovely heavier fabric first!


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