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Hello friends!

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How are you doing in these very strange times? I hope that you have all you need to get you through.

For me, it feels like a period of constant adjustment and also ground-hog day, rolled into one!

One thing that I am taking great comfort in is having my sewing practice as a creative outlet that is perfectly suited to isolation! I’ve heard from some customers that feel the same, and others that have lost their sew-jo all together.

Whichever camp you fall into – is totally fine. Do what works for you!

If you just want to browse beautiful fabrics… my friend, do I have a TREAT for you!

If you want to snap up some gorgeous fabric that will get your creativity flowing… I’m still shipping everywhere worldwide except China (temporarily suspended due to Japan Post restrictions).



Today I want to introduce you to the newest indie design house to join Indy Bindy.


Kanako Takeda is the designer. She established Kanariya in 2014 and has been creating her unique style of textiles ever since.

Kanariya is based out of Tokyo and is all about freeform lines and unconstrained colour. Kanako creates in a variety of mediums, from gouache to watercolour, and cut paper before getting her designs digitally printed on fabric.

And what’s even better news?!

Her three prints below are now available to you! The designs are only printed in small runs so snap yours up now.

Stay home and stay safe,





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