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Today my friends, we have reached the final step in sewing your Flint Pants.

I love a wide hem and the weight and body it gives to the bottom edge of the garment. Whic is exactly what the hem on the Flints were designed to do!

If you want something with lighter feel you can reduce the hem, but remember that this will add length unless you shorten the pants by the difference.

Let’s finish these pants!

Fold and press

Fold the hemline up by 1cm (½”) and press.

Fold the hemline up once more by 5cm (2”) and press.

Check the length

At this point, try on your pants and check that they are the length you’re after.

If they are shorter than you want, the beauty of the wide hem allows you some wriggle room. You can re-fold and press a narrower hem, therfore lengthening the pants.

If the pants are longer than you desire, you can trim some length off or go with an even wider hem!

With my full length Flint pants below, I needed a touch more length so I made the first fold 1cm as per the istructions and then the next fold I measured at 2.5cm instead of the original 5cm.

If you adjust the length, try your pants on again before stitching down to double check. If you are making full length pants be sure to try them with the shoes you are likely to wear them with as this may affect where you want them to end.

Top stitch

Topstitch just below the folded edge of the 5cm (2”) hemline all the way around.

Because the hemline is flared depending on how your fabric handles, you may find a little excess fabric on the inside fold.

You can deal with this by pinching it, folding it down and just sewing right over it. Keeping it near a seam will keep it less visible on the inside, but it won’t be noticeable from the outside of the garment.

If you come across this and you want your insides as pretty as your out, prior to folding up the first 1cm hem, insert a line of basting at the 1cm mark and leave long tails. Increasing your thread tension a little as you stitch may be enough to ease the wider edge in.

The basting stitches will be handy as a guide for the first fold of the hem but more importantly, if it needs more ease you can now pull the tails, distributing evenly around the whole hem, to ease the folded hem into the narrower leg.

Blind hem

If you are using a particularly drapey fabric. You may want to consider hand stitching the hem or seeing if your machine has a bling hem function. This is what I used on the Paint Print cropped Flint pants I made.

To do this, I first folded and pressed the hem as instructed. I then folded back the hem so that just 2-3mm (1/8”) was showing from the inside. I aligned my presser foot with the edge created and stitched around the hem. Fold the hem back in place and press.

Give your pants one last press. Yay! They’re done. Congratulations, now go show off your new pants or shorts!!

If you still need the Flint sewing pattern, you can get it here! But first head over to my Sew Along Announcement post to get your discount code for 20% off!! (valid until 19 May 2019)

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Happy sewing!!


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