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You thought we were finished sewing the Flint Pants by Megan Nielsen. But it’s bonus time!

Megan has a fabulous free add on that turns the Flint pattern into overalls! Holly Darling also put together a great tutorial on how to make them.

Inspired by this I made my own hack based on a ready to wear pair of bibs I own. And this is how happy they make me feel!

To make your own, construct your pants as per the instructions.

The bib

Draft the shape bib that you would like. I traced the ready to wear one that I own. Add 1.5cm for seam allowance. Cut one in your main fabric and one in a lining.

Alternatively add extra seam allowance to all sides of the main fabric except the bottom so you can fold twice and hem if you prefer to keep your bib to one layer.

With right sides together, sew the sides and neckline. But be sure to leave the shoulders and bottom edge unsewn so you can turn it inside out. Finish the edges.

Turn the bib inside out. Top stitch if you prefer. (I would normally but was under a time crunch this time!)

The straps

Cut two long rectangles for the straps. You can use an existing bib to trace the length your straps. Alternatively, measure from 2cm below the top of your bib, over your shoulder, across your back to 2cm below the opposite side of the waistband. I measured mine to connect inline with the darts on the back. Add 1.5cm to both ends for seam allowance.

Measure the width you’d like your straps and double it. Add 1.5cm to both edges for seam allowance.

Fold your straps in half, lengthwise, with right sides together. Sew the long edges together and one short edge.

Turn your straps inside out.

Ps. If you don’t have a bodkin for turning straps inside out – I’d highly recommend getting one! This has made my sewing life so much easier!

Press your straps flat.

Fold the shoulders of your bib to the inside by 1.5cm. Insert the raw edge of your strap by 1.5cm.

Top stith the straps in place.

The button band

Measure a button band at least the length of the bottom of your bib and approximately 7cm wide.

I didn’t have enough fabric for this piece so I made it out of two 4cm wide pieces, sewn together with a 0.5cm seam allowance.

Finish the edges, fold in by 1cm and press.

Fold in half and press.

Align with the bottom edge of your bib. Overlap by 1.5cm, top stitch in place.

Add buttonholes to the button band and ends of the straps.

I did 5 buttonholes on the button band, one at the centerpoint, one on each edge and the remaining to in the gaps. I find this is a good balance that means there are no parts of the bib that pull up with wear.

If this feels like a bit much you can just do three!

I added only one button hole per strap but if you want to wear yours straight as well as crossed you could add a button hole further up your strap so it is convertible.

Finally, add buttons to the corresponding points on the waistband and your done!

You now have awesome pants AND removable bibs!

If you still need the Flint sewing pattern, you can get it here! But first head over to my Sew Along Announcement post to get your discount code for 20% off!! (valid until tomorrow, 19 May 2019)

Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram for your chance to win a Megan Nielsen PDF pattern of your choice! (until tomorrow, 19 May 2019!!)

To enter all you have to do is:
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3. Comment on any of my Instagram posts this week letting us know you’re taking part in the sew along.
4. Tag both of us in the caption of a post of your Flint pants (completed or in process!) The more posts you tag us in the more entries you get!
5. Be sure to include the hashtags #sewitwithindybindy and #mnflint so we can keep track of the entries and see your gorgeous makes!!

Happy sewing!!


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