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The Maker!

I first connected with Nicole at the beginning of the year through the wonderful world of Instagram. And ever since then she has been brightening my feed with that smile you see here and all of her awesome makes. She is one of those people that make the sewing community the warm and positive place that it is. You feel like you could grab a hot cuppa and chat all things sewing, but also just about anything with her!

So when we were chatting and she said she loved the new prints I was bringing to the store. I just new I had to ask her to make something with them!

You want to hear about her latest make right?!

What she made.

Isca Shirt Dress pattern that Nicole used is by Marilla Walker. The dress comes in two versions, with a drape or button up front. The angled seam detail on both versions make it the perfect candidate for colour blocking! Nicole used the free add on to make the shirt version. You can read all the details and the mods she made over on her blog.

That fabric!

Nicole chose two coordinating fabrics, Sakura Green and Sakura Owl for her make. So that is what I will be releasing first! If you haven’t signed up to my newsletter, scroll down to the bottom so you get first access to the limited qunatities before it is released to the public.

Like all Indy Bindy fabrics, Sakura Owl and Sakura Green are designed and printed in Japan. They are part of the latest collection by Manri Kishimoto from Mannine.

All Mannine collections begin with a deeply researched theme that the designer uses to spark her creativity and animate her designs.

The ‘Adorable’ collection was inspired by the cats that Kishimoto-san saw as she walked through Tokyo, providing releif against the backdrop of the huge metropolis. She then started on a journey of research into the history of cats – ending up in Egypt!

What does this have to do with owls, you ask? If you’re familiar with your hieroglyphs you will know that the owl, was depicted similarly to what you see here to represent the ancient letter ‘M’!

Mannine is known for it’s bright colours and fun spirit. These fabric definitely celebrate those two things! Kishimoto-san designs with the hope that you will love the clothes made with her fabrics so much that you will take them on your holidays. I can definitely see Nicole and her son twinning on their adventures ahead this summer!

I’d love to know what you’d make with these prints. But before you leave a comment letting me know, be sure to sign up to my newsletter below so that you will be on the inside when I release these fabrics in a matter of hours!


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