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The Sewist!

Do you know Rumana from The Little Pomegranate? If you don’t, let me tell you, she is a sewing super-star!

Rumana was a quarter finalist in the popular UK TV show The Great British Sewing Bee, and she inspires sewists around the globe with her natural ease with pattern hacking (see those seams below!), her beautiful styling, sketches, and detailed pattern reviews.

My absolute favourite thing about sewing is the freedom it gives you to define your own style. And it turns out sewing has done this for Rumana too. Helping her on the journey to become confident and comfortable within herself.

Rumana’s passion within the sewing world lies in blogging modest-wear sewing as well as calling for increased diversity within sewing communities.

In addition to being a sewist, Rumana is a junior doctor and mum to a young bub. Be sure to pop over to The Little Pomegranate to learn more about her, her makes and soak up all the goodness there.

The Fabric!

Rumana chose the Minamo print by otsukiyumi for her dress. Textile designer, Otsuki Yumi, has her atelier in Tokyo, where she lives with her husband and children. She values the lines and rhythm found when creating something by hand and begins her design process here with every single print.

Otsuki-san’s painted designs are then digitally printed so you can still see every brush stroke that she has taken. She takes inspiration from her day to day life and painted Minamo after a trip to the sea.

She was captivated by the light reflecting on the water’s surface – shimmering on top of the ocean, creating movement and depth.

The Pattern!

This truly statement making dress is a hack of the TCP5 design by Trend Patterns. Trend Patterns (TCP) take pride in their designs being inspired by luxury, high-end fashion pieces and seasonal trends found on the catwalks of Fashion Week.


TPC focus on bringing a stylish and unique feel to their designs. Their patterns are beautifully constructed and often have a strong structural element. See that frill!!

Rumana’s blog is filled with detailed pattern reviews including everything from fit and construction, to hacks and tips. For the info on how she hacked the TCP5 pattern into a midi dress, added pockets (she is firmly int he pockets-in-everything camp!) and what she thins of the final outcome, see her blog post here.

I’d love to hear what you think of this dress. Would you wear it? Can you see yourself colour-blocking it and rocking it? What would you do?

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