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That dress!

The moment I saw this dress I gasped in delight.

I met Emi from Just Add Fabric less than a year ago here in Tokyo and I was so excited when I found out she was a fellow sewing addict and fabric lover! When I was looking for ways to celebrate the launch of my website I knew Emi had to be involved. And just look at the result!!

The pattern:

Emi used a Japanese sewing pattern by M パターン研究所 which shows off the panel print perfectly. Japanese patterns are known for their simple shapes and interesting details, this one is no different. The subtle A-line and delicate waist tie make the fabric sing.

The Fabric:

The fabric is ‘New Home’ by design house Mannine. Mannine designs are the first designer fabrics I fell in love with. I’d never seen anything remotely like them before and the quirky characters that grace them inspired me to start my business!

The designer, Manri Kishimoto, wants people to have fun with wearing her playfully spirited prints. She aims to design fabric that people will feel good wearing, so much so that they will want to take them on their holidays and adventures!

The panel design of New Home allows for the striking large scale of the print on Emi’s dress. The detail in the hand drawn designs is amazing as are the backstories for every single Mannine character you can see in and around their homes.

You will find many of the much loved characters including the Warao brothers, Ms Kat holding her dinner bell (she likes to eat at the same time every day!), Warao Mama standing inside her house next to a picture of Warao Papa who is upstairs.

Living across the street from the Warao family is Mr Johndolasi (age 33, climbing the ladder) and his younger sister. He is a researcher and is working on developing different coloured varieties of edamame (soy beans). His younger sister, Ms Dondolasi (28, wearing the plaid vest) loves to collect things you can wear in your head!

It is such a fun print with more to discover the closer you look. Even Ms Schnappviecher wearing Mannine fabric!

Don’t miss out!

Be sure to pop over to Emi’s Instagram account to get your fill of even more sewing inspiration!

And while you’re at it, don’t miss out on entering the giveaway I’m currently running. You have the chance to win a flat pouch in designer fabric by Mannine, a Mannine embroidered stegosaurus brooch, the Japanese sewing pattern book: She Wears the Pants, two 50cm cuts of Nocogou fabric (Koeda Green & Rosemary and Lemon) AND two rolls of washi tape based on Nocogou fabric designs!!

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