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Training Bundle – Me Time Maker & Deciding What to Make

Original price was: ¥14,360.Current price is: ¥10,052.

Training Bundle SPECIAL 🚨 

Save money as well as time by choosing this ultimate training bundle

Wish you had more time to sew in your week? Want to make more of those garments waiting in your sewing queue? This training is for you!
Original price was: ¥7,180.Current price is: ¥5,026.
Itching to sew that good fabric but you’re stuck going back and forth on what to use it for? Is your to-make list so long you’re not sure where to start? Then this training is for you!
Original price was: ¥7,180.Current price is: ¥5,026.

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This training has been pulled out from the Indy Bindy Sewciety. It is usually reserved exclusively for members only!

They are designed to get you out of indecision, help you find those precious pockets of time to connect with your creativity and to move you into action!

Both are less than 40 minutes, and are packed full of useful tips, mindset shifts and strategies to unlock a whole new level of creative fulfilment.

NOTE: Beautiful, printable gift certificates available upon purchase if you want to make this the ultimate gift for a sewists in your life!


We dive deep into looking at the time you spend sewing, methods for making the most of what you have available and integrating sewing into your busy lifestyle.

The training will inspire you. And the accompanying workbook will help you process the lessons and incorporate what you learn into your sewing practice.

Get ready to love your sewing practice even more!


I break down my exact strategy for picking your next sewing project and making your sewing experience not just more productive but also more fulfilling.

Feel like you’re perpetually in planning mode? This training will give you clarity and momentum!

PLUS you also get access to the Indy Bindy Sewciety digital Sewjo Planner! This will help you set goals, organise your to-make list, plan out your projects as well as a place to note your ideas, hacks and modifications.

Get started now!

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