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Sashiko-ori Black


Geometric patterns and the texture of the weave combine to make a fresh, modern iteration of traditional fabric.

100% cotton, perfect for skirts, dresses, and shackets.

Sold in 50cm, for continuous yardage select multiple quantities.

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Sashiko-ori is a modern fabric rooted in steep tradition, developed by Tectoco with the Sanwa Orimono workshop in Fukushima. See below for all the fascinating details on how this fabric came about!

This unique midweight cotton would make stunning skirts, dresses and shackets that would be a talking point wherever you wore them.

Sold in 50cm, for continuous yardage select multiple quantities.

100% cotton
Designed, woven and made in Japan

50cm x 93cm wide : 19″ x 36.5″ wide.
Repeat: approx 91cm x 54cm. The pattern may differ depending on where the fabric is cut.

Sold in 50cm increments, for continuous yardage select multiple quantities.
1 → 50 cm
2 → 1m
3 → 1.5m
4 → 2m


  • Fabrics are not to be used for commercial purposes
  • Colours may vary depending on the print batch or your monitor screen
  • Allow for slight shrinkage. Prewash recommended.
  • Shipping rates outside of Japan have been increased to courier rates due to Japan Post restrictions. If you would like to utilise surface mail (8 – 12 weeks, USD11) please contact me to arrange aims@indybindy.com.au



Sashiko is traditional Japanese folk-art that has evolved over centuries from a frugal necessity into the decorative art it is today. The word Sashiko (刺し子) translates literally as ‘little stabs’, a reference to the running stitch used to make repeating or interlocking patterns in fabric. It originated with the farmers as a way to reinforce and add warmth to their field clothes.

Tectoco have worked with Kenichi Oba of Sanwa Orimono, to create these intricate designs. However they differ from traditional hand stitched sashiko. Sashiko-ori weaves the sashiko into the fabric as it is made on a loom.

Mr. Oba’s family has been in textile production since the 40s. However Mr Oba learnt the art of weaving from a key figure (Yoshitaka Yanagi Sensei) in the folk-art movement in Japan during the 70s and created this technique under his guidance.

Sashiko-ori is created by floating the warp or weft threads during the weaving process to create a sashiko-like pattern. The result being the ability to weave incredibly complicated patterns by machine weaving, while retaining the texture of hand-embroidered sashiko.

However over time the number of people who have the skills to handle this type of loom has gradually decreased. To the point where there is no one other than Mr Oba who can do this technique.

The weaving machine is about the size of a room and uses a cardboard guide called “Mongami” for each pass of the weft thread. Usually a design would use 480 mongami at most, but the unique and complex design that Tectoco took to Mr Oba uses 912! This pattern requires 2460 warp threads and 306 weft threads. It takes about one hour to weave one meter so that the perfect texture is achieved.

Tectoco was inspired by the geometric shapes that Sashiko-ori produces to create a “new retro” design that would fit with the current era. Tectoco approached the design challenge of infusing individuality to the geometric lines by turning to the natural world. Images of forests and flowers inspired the shapes in the final design. And if you look closely, you can see the figure of a fairy. But everyone sees different images among the geometric, abstract patterns.

Mr Oba is nothing if not positive and generous – without which the Tectoco Sashiko-ori would not exist. Tectoco wants you to enjoy the different patterns one by one, knowing that there is a craftsman like Mr. Oba behind the complicated design.

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