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Eye catching detailed print based on the 300 year old craft of Ontayaki stoneware.

Sold in 50cm, for continuous yardage select multiple quantities.
1 → 50cm, 2 → 1m, 3 → 1.5m, 4 → 2m

100% Linen

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This fabric design is called ‘Ontayaki’ after the pottery and stoneware of the same name. Handprinted on 100% Linen this would be perfect for a shacket, trousers or a skirt. It would be a match made in heaven for homewares also.

The main feature of Ontayaki is that you can enjoy the dynamism of the patterns that emerge from the contrast between the clay and the glaze. This eye catching contrast and texture is captured in the textile through the hand drawn stoneware to layered colour in the handprinted dyes.

Ontayaki pottery is fired in a village in the mountains of Hita City, Oita Prefecture. The Ontayaki technique, which began about 300 years ago, has only been passed down and taught to family members for generations. In this manner it has been preserved to the present day.

Currently, 10 potteries continue to use these traditional techniques as they have been passed down. A true folk art.

gochisou (ご馳走) is the indie textile brand behind this deisgn. It translates to mean a delicious meal, particularly treating guests with delicious meals.

Design house gochisou, is founded in the concept of encouraging people to revisit the way we think about meals. Designer, Ako, creates her fabrics with hope that they help people to pause, appreciate the food, forget how busy they are, and cherish time spent eating delicious meals with the precious people in your life.

Ako’ s atelier is in Tokyo and is filled with gorgeous textiles displaying delicious treats and their vessels!

She creates all her designs by hand first. She loves layering colours to create a unique flavour to each piece. They are then hand printed resulting one of a kind textiles with a beautiful texture. Her ethos is all about connection – to the textiles, the food and the people around you.

Because all gochisou fabrics are hand printed and they can not be produced in large quantities.

100% Linen

Other gochisou designs:
Hugsy Doughnut 
Beaver Bread
Hotel Koe Bakery

50cm x 112cm wide : 19.5″ x 44″ wide

Sold in 50cm, for continuous yardage select multiple quantities.
1 → 50cm
2 → 1m
3 → 1.5m
4 → 2m

· Because of the nature of the material, some shrinkage occurs with washing (allow for shrinkage of approximately 2%)
· Due to the nature of hand printing, there may be differences in colour, bleeding, alignment etc. There will also be a visible join mark where the design stencils begin and end – this is called the katakuchi and is integrated into the fabric design.
· Different fabric substrates will absorb the dye differently and may affect the crispness of the lines and the intensity of the colours.
· Please be aware that some screens will display colour different depending on their settings.
· Please contact me prior to purchasing the fabric for commercial use aims@indybindy.com.au

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Dimensions 112 cm





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